Thursday, August 7, 2008

According to whose plans?

People always tend to say that many things happen in life is not according to their plan. Sometimes, the actual events happen usually was not in line with their dream or plan but actually whose plans should be considered. If we take a look at Surah Ar-Rad verses 38 and 39

And no doubt, We have sent messengers before you, and assigned to them wives and children. And it is not for a messenger to bring any sign, but by Allah's leave. For each promise there is writing.
Malay's Translation Dan demi sesungguhnya! Kami telah mengutus Rasul-rasul sebelummu, dan Kami jadikan untuk mereka isteri-isteri dan zuriat keturunan. Dan tiadalah sebarang kuasa bagi seseorang Rasul untuk mendatangkan sesuatu mukjizat melainkan dengan izin Allah. Tiap-tiap satu tempoh dan waktu ada baginya perkara dan hukum yang telah ditentukan oleh "Suratan Azali".

[39]Allah wipes out what He pleases and establishes (what He pleases) and the real writing is with Him. Malay's Translation Allah menghapuskan apa jua yang dikehendakiNya dan Ia juga menetapkan apa jua yang dikehendakinya. Dan (ingatlah) pada sisiNya ada "Ibu segala suratan".

It is clearly stated that path of each person's life is already arranged by God. We should not regret for anything that already happen in our life. What we can do is just take it as a lesson for us. Anything happen were meant to be and have a hidden meaning for those who like to think about it. ALLAH never fails to grant our petitions, so keep on going for HIM without doubting or murmuring. HE has the Master Plan of our life, so we should have a strong faith on HIM.

Thursday, March 6, 2008



Accept all your life obstacles with smile,
Accept with calmness of your heart,
Guaranteed all will be good,
Because what happen is destined to be,
What done is done.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


How I Define Life

Decide what you have to decide,

Stick for what you have decided,

Because there would not be yes or no in life,

Neither right nor wrong,

If yes is the answer, no will always complement it,

If you think its right, wrong will always accompanied it,

That is the fact of life, it’s not unfair,

But it is a way it should be,

Perfect satisfaction will not be achieved in the name of life,

Just follow the routes of our life, listen to our heart,

Enjoy the sweetest and bitterest moments of our life,

Bind with it and you will learn something,

Something what make us strong.

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