Wednesday, January 20, 2010

End of The Roads

Erm,quite a long time I'm not updating my blog. Here some more photo i want to share with all of you. I captured this picture during the Maal Hijrah Holiday which is celebrated by Muslim as the year beginning of the Islamic's calendar. The banks of this canal have two different surface, one is smooth and the other one is rough. Both of the banks are going towards to the same destination. When I look this in the perspectives or human life, i do realize that in our live everybody get an equal chance to achieve the same goal, however it should be noted that the obstacle will come in the different manner. Some people will get it very easily while some of people will need to go through all the pain before get what their dream for.The worst part in our life when you are drown before you can reach your destination. I would like to share a qoute from Dale Carnegie that said that most of the important thing in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. It is very important for us to works with each other because only friendships will ever hold the world together.

Bank with two faces

The Key

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Tribute for the Korean Fan :)

Like what i have mentioned in the previous post, since i having a problem with my camera, now it is the perfect time for me to dig some of my old archive photo. For this post i would like to share with you some photo that i have captured during my visit to the Teddy Bear Museum located at the Seoul Tower. To be honest that was not my plan to visit here, (I'm not a Korean fan or "hantu Korea", just like my friend said) I just followed one of my colleague that ask me to accompanied her after 3 days we have been sealed in at conference room. But it a worth experience indeed, especially the sight-seeing around the tower. I'm sure all the photographer will love to enjoy the scenic view here. I'm really impress with a thousand of padlock that hanging around the tower terrace as a devotion of love for couple who wish for an everlasting love. (i have posted this picture in the July 2009). For your information the Teddy Bear Museum displays exhibits which divided into two areas that show 1st the past and 2nd the present of Seoul through teddy bears. Visitors can see how Seoul changed and advanced over time both as the capital of Korea and as an international city. Teddy bears are used to show historic events and various aspects of Seoul. Some of teddy bear are controlling by an electronic device that made they move with action that narrated the story to the audience. Hope all of you will enjoy it,especially to the Korean fan. (I just follow one of Korean's drama series which is Princess hour..(my sister's CD)haha..the series is related to some of the teddy bear in the museum but i don't even know about the existence of that kind of museum before my visit :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fix You

Actually i have nothing to be said here.. Just want to share one of my favourite song from Cold Play that really attract my attention on the masterpiece of both it melodies and lyric.The song really tell a story on what is happening around us and I'm pretty sure that everybody will experience and encounter it at least once in our life and if you are lucky enough you will get more than one :) So enjoy the music....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Middle of Something

Everything is in motion, thoughts are being tossed and fermented.But so many things in our common world are sometimes not right, just not fair, and all of these could be fixed! I am certain of that. All it needs is wondering,listening, talking with each other, and praying to the God. And then DOING something.I know how it is when I feel ill,down, sad, and I cannot find a way out of it on my own. Then I am happy when someone comes and asks me, "What can I do for you? Can I be of assistance?" "Could I make you feel happy"?,"Can we singing along and etc. Once you acknowledge that you are always in the middle of something, you will stop waiting for some perfect time to speak it out and it is veritably help when you can get someone that really make you get out from all of the problematic bubbles that surrounding you. Thanks for everybody who always bring smile to my face. :)

Step by Step
Step by step..
The man watching his step while crossing the river, look like he takes quite a few moment to proceed for the next step.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Beginning

Dah mula tahun baru 2010. Tutup sudah tirai 2009. Azam tahun baru? Entah.. Cukup lah sekadar untuk sentiasa memperbaki diri dari tahun2 yang lepas dan sentiasa berada dalam keredhaan-Nye.Cuma azam tahun nie aku cuma nak ada camera baru je kot :) Ada orang nak tolong belikan ke? :) Tahun 2009 nie endingnye memang sedih buat aku, sebab ntah sebab apa masalah problemnye,"awek" aku tetiba rosak. Jangan salah faham, maksud aku kat sini camera aku yang rosak :( Sedih jugak le rasanye bila first love aku D40 nie rosak, banyak kenangan aku dengan D40 nie.

Erm nak buat macam mana,nampaknye kena la berhenti kejap la shot2 gambar nie. Kena la keluarkan gambar2 lelama yg sebelum nie xpernah sempat nak diedit n release :) Lagi satu bagusnye boleh jgk aku atur archive photo2 aku yang dah bersepah kat dalam hard disk aku nie ...Banyak jugak rasanye photo yg sempat aku shot dari mula aku pegang kamera bulan 12 tahun lepas. Dah merata aku usung kemera aku kesana sini, setiap gambar yg diambil dan cerita yg tersirat mesti akan tersemat dalam memory aku. Bercakap pasal memory nie, apa yang aku perasan dengan peredaran zaman technology ni orang dah banyak bergantung kepada gadjet2 yg sedia ada untuk rakamkan semua moment dalam hidup kita. Memang diakui ketepatkan mekanikal daripada alat seperti camera, tape recorder dan sebagainye. Tapi kita agak terlepas pandang pada fungsi otak yg Allah kurniakan untuk kita adalah alat perakam memori yg paling sempurna yang pernah kita ada. Bayangkan sepanjang umur anda dah berapa banyak memori yang kita simpan. Sejak dari umur tiga atau 4 tahun kita dah mula kumpul memori, xkira sama ada yang baik atau tak baik untuk kita.

Dalam xsedar aku memang suka bab memorizing nie, memang dah habit aku dari dulu. Tambah2 kepada pada benda atau perkara yang aku suka, memang kekadang aku boleh ingat in detail jugak. Tapi semakin banyak umur bertambah akan berkurang le kemampuan nak mengingat nie. Sentiasa nak kena improve memori kita dari tahun ke tahun. Cara yang terbaik adalah dengan sentiasa aktivkan brain function kita.Jangan terlalu bergantung pada technology yang kekadang buat minda kita jadi terkokong. Jangan sampai, nak congak matematik mudah pun nak kena guna kakulator kekadang :)Teringat aku kat sorang mamat kedai runcit nie, nak kira baki duit 10 ringgit untuk barang 4 ringgit pun nak guna kakulator. Tapi xboleh le nak gelakan dia, mungkin tu habit dia kot,suka guna kakulator, xkira apa saja mesti mau tekan kakulator:)

Cara yg terbaik untuk improve memori kita adalah dengan cuba belajar benda2 baru yang boleh stimulate kita punya brain function, main mind puzzle dan yang paling berkesan adalah dengan selalu dapatkan cahaya dari Al-Quran, itu yang paling terbaik skali. Erm, kan aku cakap, kalu tulis panjang terus jadi ayat skema lagi..huhu ..So keep improve your memory, macam ada kawan aku pesan,just keep all as the memory, that rignt indeed..Yes I will remember all the memories that comes throughout my life :) OK cukup sampai sini.. :)

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