Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Does Performance Matter?

I can see my blog is full of spider web here and there.I'm seriously miss photography but I'm still don't get time to fix may camera yet. For the meantime I'm just updating my blog with some thought and point of view that can be shared here.For this entry i would like to discuss about Malaysia's education system based on my experience while in the school. For those who has leaved school for such a long time, do you still keep memories of your school. The story about you friends, your teachers, the day when the Negaraku song were sang by not using a loud speaker minus one and the pitching and synchronization voice of student was like my teacher used to say like a buffalo in past motion action, disorderliness is everywhere..hahaha :) This kind of memories will make me smile whenever I'm remembering it and everything about school make me keep smile and smile always especially when I'm thinking about my primary school, a time when all friends were so naive and the sincerity was shinning vibrantly from their face.Like what i mention before, here are some of my point of view about Malaysia education system.

Arguably, Malaysia has a very systematic educational system. I thought otherwise but I may be wrong, let’s examine the fact. In my opinion the Malaysia’s educational system is more emphasize on exams oriented and solely for academic evaluation approach is not really applicable nowadays. This approach is contradicting with the educational philosophies that should also focus on the development of human capital and recognizing non-academic talent as well. The focus should be started from the grassroots. School should be a place to develop a variety of talents, identify the numerous of potential and to inculcate the various interests among students.

The educators should smartly to understand the broader and more holistic educational philosophies rather than heavily base on academic performance only. They should realize that every student has capability, creativity and ability that need to be recognized and discovered. Every one of them has a role to play in a society and country in the future. The truth is, every year not all students will grow to be undergraduates and in reality more students will be unsuccessful to enter a university. It is very important to consider this group of students by identifying their interest and encourage them to fully expressing their talents. Every student deserves to get attention, love by teachers and parents, and appreciated by society and country. It should be noted that encouragement is the most effective teaching tool than criticizing. It is so sad when some of educators still keep an ancient mentality that measure students base on the grade and performance. They will full of enthusiastic and give their full commitment when teaching at higher grade classes compare to lower grade classes. For me, as a educators they should get rid from this kind of behavior and mentality,please do treat all the students same for whoever they are.

The perspectives of Malaysia’s educational system should be revised. The good example is by observing what has been done in the developed country. Most developed countries are more flexible in their educational system. They are able to recognize the reality of the diverse and different potentials of their people from an early age. They not just producing an academic intellectual but also in the same time encourage people to prosper in another field such as sports, arts, literature and many more. An educational infrastructure that required for maximize the development of the diverse and different potentials of their citizens is fully provided in the developed country. Malaysia as a developing country should capitalize on the example shown by the developed countries. However, the copycat of the developed countries’ educational system would not be the definite answer; an adjustment should be made to suit with Malaysia education phenomena that encompasses a wide range of people from different background.

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