Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whose will be the next story teller?

This video was recorded on 21st of July just 3 day before her death by The Star press members.She kinda giving some signs there when she mention "Whatever mistakes we've made, the good news is, we're gonna die very soon".Look like she was leave us some message here :( For me, the existence of such people like her is vital to our communities particularly in Malaysia, we live with differences and everybody seems to be overstating the differences.In most of her work,what i do realize that she keep trying to assured us that differences will always occur, and no one asks us to forget the differences, but if we are to live as ONE, we must comprehend these differences, accept and make these differences mutual.It really vital for Malaysian to understand each other differences in order to increase mutual respect among us. Most of the time misleading information and wrong assumption will create some uncomfortable environment in our Malaysia society. All the wrong assumption must be corrected by explanation rather than to be ignored that can lead to misleading understanding.Tolerance and respect for other humans, cultures, and religiongs are very difficult things to do. Acceptance and loving anyone different from you, is truly a blessing. Be quick to forgive and judge not, for we have not been in their shoes and walk that mile. I'm strongly believe that there are still good people around, sometimes we just don't see that side of them. Respecting each other's culture,religion and beliefs is something we need to do in our multi-racial country. Al-Fatihah to late Yasmin Ahmad.

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