Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Tribute for the Korean Fan :)

Like what i have mentioned in the previous post, since i having a problem with my camera, now it is the perfect time for me to dig some of my old archive photo. For this post i would like to share with you some photo that i have captured during my visit to the Teddy Bear Museum located at the Seoul Tower. To be honest that was not my plan to visit here, (I'm not a Korean fan or "hantu Korea", just like my friend said) I just followed one of my colleague that ask me to accompanied her after 3 days we have been sealed in at conference room. But it a worth experience indeed, especially the sight-seeing around the tower. I'm sure all the photographer will love to enjoy the scenic view here. I'm really impress with a thousand of padlock that hanging around the tower terrace as a devotion of love for couple who wish for an everlasting love. (i have posted this picture in the July 2009). For your information the Teddy Bear Museum displays exhibits which divided into two areas that show 1st the past and 2nd the present of Seoul through teddy bears. Visitors can see how Seoul changed and advanced over time both as the capital of Korea and as an international city. Teddy bears are used to show historic events and various aspects of Seoul. Some of teddy bear are controlling by an electronic device that made they move with action that narrated the story to the audience. Hope all of you will enjoy it,especially to the Korean fan. (I just follow one of Korean's drama series which is Princess hour..(my sister's CD)haha..the series is related to some of the teddy bear in the museum but i don't even know about the existence of that kind of museum before my visit :)


SnoW whiTe said...

they dont look like the teddy bears. they look like the ReaL bears in the jungle.

Niezam said...

Yup, especially the big one, have the same height of me.. :)

SnoW whiTe said...

I mean, dead or frozen real bears :b

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