Saturday, January 2, 2010

Middle of Something

Everything is in motion, thoughts are being tossed and fermented.But so many things in our common world are sometimes not right, just not fair, and all of these could be fixed! I am certain of that. All it needs is wondering,listening, talking with each other, and praying to the God. And then DOING something.I know how it is when I feel ill,down, sad, and I cannot find a way out of it on my own. Then I am happy when someone comes and asks me, "What can I do for you? Can I be of assistance?" "Could I make you feel happy"?,"Can we singing along and etc. Once you acknowledge that you are always in the middle of something, you will stop waiting for some perfect time to speak it out and it is veritably help when you can get someone that really make you get out from all of the problematic bubbles that surrounding you. Thanks for everybody who always bring smile to my face. :)

Step by Step
Step by step..
The man watching his step while crossing the river, look like he takes quite a few moment to proceed for the next step.

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